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I think most people can honestly say they have used one of the late, so-called great IBM PC's and spin-offs built thru the 80's. What I mean are the now so-called out-dated, obsolete IBM PC, PC XT, PC AT and PS/2 series of computers. They were very popular when they were built because they came from the creator of the first "PC", the IBM Corporation. Starting with the IBM 5150, better known as the IBM Personal Computer (PC for short, thus the term used today, "PC"), they installed 64k of RAM and twin 5.25" Full Height drives into a relatively small sized case for the year it was designed (1981). It does very little by today's standards, but if they built it and people bought it, then it obviously must have done something worthwhile.

My idea with this page is to provide information on the machines mentioned above, answer peoples hardware/software related questions about them and also try to add a few stories of people and their experiences with them. For example for co-op education they stuck me with a PS/2 Model 30 that did not have Windows of any sort and really didn't do much else than run DOS and connect to the AS/400 Mainframe. That was in 1994, so even then this machine was out-dated. So, if you have any other ideas about what I can add to this page, let me know.

Specifications and History

The Original originals

IBM Personal Computer
IBM Personal Computer XT
IBM Personal Computer XT 286
IBM Personal Computer AT

The Next Step Up, the PS/2's

Check out this excellent page on the PS/2 computers

The First "Portable" Computers

IBM Personal Computer jr
IBM Personal Computer Convertible
IBM Portable Personal Computer

Experiences with the Machines

My experience so far with my IBM XT
Specs on my XT, what hardware I have, Programs that solved my problems

Files I Find Very Useful

File that describes how to add 640k memory to IBM XT, Portable and later 5150 (PC) models
Driver that gives you access to a system clock installed on a add-on card

Outside Resources

Other Resources I Recommend

Contains alot of links to excellent resources -- Very extensive information
Obsolete Computer Helpline - The best place to ask questions about your old hardware
If you have an old card and want to find out who makes it, enter the FCCID in here!
THE site to find information on every IBM computer ever made!
Link to DOS-based Internet programs (Web-browser, e-mail, dialer, newsgroups, ftp, etc)

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